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SRAM Force DoubleTap shifter
I have a Bike Friday foldable with SRAM Force DoubleTap shifters. I'm having problems with the right (rear) shifter.

It was stuck in high gear (of 10 positions) and wouldn't shift at all. When I removed the shifter hood, I saw that the cable broke. After replacing the cable, and setting everything up, it will shift fine (up & down) until it ends up in high gear, then it stops shifting. It seems like somehow, the shifter is going to high, so that I cannot shift it down again. If I redo it, I'll need to use a tool to ratchet it back down, then it'll shift fine until it shifts to the highest gear.

Does this mean I need a new shifter, or did I just install in incorrectly? I'm a weekend bike mechanic & am comfortable working on my bike, but not an expert.

The local bike repair shop normally takes a week or more for repairs, and I'd rather not wait, if I can fix it myself.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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