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BikeRide Forum Improvements
Hi, BikeRiders!

In an effort to provide our cycling community with a better user experience, BikeRide has made ▶ more than 50 improvements ▶ to our Forum over the past few months. Some of these improvements are more visible than others. Here are a few examples:

✅ We have made the Forum more mobile-friendly for easier reading, searching and posting on your smartphone.
Images can be uploaded directly onto the website in an easy way; they are also automatically resized.
✅ Don't miss a message! BikeRide members now have the ability to tag others in posts. In addition, members will be notified by private message, when they've been tagged in a post.
✅ We have introduced the "Mark as Solved" button in the Bicycle Repairs and Mechanics section.
✅ Several filters against spam messaging have been added.
✅ Bugs have been found and fixed.
✅ Images and emojis are now allowed in user profile signatures. Tell others about yourself and be creative!
✅ The improved user profile design offers an easier overview of your activity on the Forum.
✅ And more …

With the input of our members, BikeRide will continue to make ongoing improvements to our site. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments. We appreciate your feedback!

| Nicholas |

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