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Bike distance help
Hi, I am relatively new to biking and have only done about 10 miles a day for a year now, with a few exceptions where I did 20 miles. I am looking to bike to my parent's house for Christmas eve which is about 90 miles away. So my question is do you guys think I could make it and/or will I be able to move afterward.
Hi banana, very impressive plan there! "Biking home for Christmas".
My first thoughts - in theory you can make it (might take too many hours), yet the aftermath will follow you throughout Christmas. You don't want to have leg pain + fatigue while spending magical Christmas time with your family. Therefore, please, don't do it now Smile Lets leave this 90 mile challenge for 2020!

Questions on the side
- How is your overall fitness level?
- How is the route? Flat, w/ some ups and downs?
- Were you planning to wear Santa Claus costume while biking? Big Grin
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Biking home for Christmas, indeed ... keep us updated about your decision
"Uphill, downhill, I like that"
Did you do the 10 miles every day, as a commute? How long did it take you?

In general the 9 fold distance is a lot more. It would be impressive if you pull it off! If you want to do it, maybe split it in two days? Though the first few miles on the second day are hard. Tips and ideas: ride light, think about what you pack. Bring enough water and some snacks. Make sure to take several breaks, and take them soon enough! Stop for a light snack, some cake or so and a coffee. Don't set out too fast. Oh, and have a backup plan ready, like a train you could take or so.... You could use a bus / train for the first leg and then bike the rest, would also work.

I was reasonably fit and then decided to bike to my parents place. I usually had a 15km commute one way and did that about 3-4 times a week. Distance to my parents: 180km. The last 30 were bad, the last 10 brutal... Felt it the whole weekend, but I was really proud! It was my first really long ride.
(12-23-2019, 03:19 PM)Joe_W Wrote:  Oh, and have a backup plan ready, like a train you could take or so.... You could use a bus / train for the first leg and then bike the rest, would also work.

Great pointers, Joe! Especially about having a backup plan. I once bought my first student bike >35 miles from the city. where I lived. Went there by train and had a plan to bike all the way back. Planned 3 hours of biking turned into two fold hours at least. Unexpected rain showers, deflated tires (slow speed), bike that wasn't suitable for road biking or touring (entry level full-suspension), lack of food, plus it got dark and I had no bike lights ... eh, it was a great relief to finally reach home even though physically I felt OK despite the rain and moisture. I didn't expect all the hickups, I didn't have appropriate equipment, no extra food and no plan B & C. Back then not many had smartphones and there weren't convenient apps. Also, as I had just moved there - I had almost no one to call in case of emergency, no one with car. Google Maps wasn't really a thing, so I wasn't sure where's the closest train station. No idea about the time table as well ...

All in all, always be prepared with B & C plan and do not overestimate your abilities Smile You might reach your destination eventually, but it can take at least twice the planned time.
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@banana146 Did you do it?
"Uphill, downhill, I like that"

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