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DX10SC Chain Shortening
Hi Guys,
So I familiarized myself with the sliding link on this chain... but I want to shorten it now as I wish to swap my triple chainset down to a double and also take that awful long jockey wheel cage off the rear and fit an Ultegra SS cage...
Thanks, Miguel

Once you have the third chainring removed and the new derailleur installed, shorten the length using this <a href="http://bikeride.com/calculate-chain-length/">chain length calculation method</a>. When it's all set up, shift the chain onto both small sprockets front and rear and take a look at the rear derailleur cage. It should be sitting at an almost horizontal position.

Thanks Alex... but do the unwanted links remove with the usual rivet extractor and will the chain need a new rivet when the chain is shortened... or can the old rivet be used... Thanks again.

I believe that chain has a quick release unit which you should remove first. Then measure the chain and remove a rivet where you want to break it. Then re-connect it using the quick-release link.


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