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Old bike advice
Howdy. I signed up here to maybe get some help with a couple of old bikes I have.

The one I want to restore first is one my wife has had since 1956 or so. I have photos if anyone's interested. Not sure where to look for any serial or model numbers.

Am I in the right place? Or if not, does anyone know where the collectors hang out?

Thanks in advance.
Hi and welcome. We have lots of knowledgeable people here. It would be a start when you publish some good photos , starting with overall and than detail of crank and derailleur. Badges, numbers etc.
Right now we know nothing about your bike except its old. Do you want to keep it as original as possible or rebuild with updated components. IMO if stuff works just service it.
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Pictures absolutely required.

You need to define the purpose of the restoration: to be a rider or to sell to a collector. In any case, before you do anything, determine the value. If it is collectible, it may be better to sell as is, and purchase a different bike for riding or learning on.

Collectors hang out different places depending on what kind of bike they are collecting. Again, pictures will help us direct you.

Here are some photos to get started. I haven't looked around for any numbers yet. I suspect it's a hardware store purchase but who knows? Anything to get started will help.

It was acquired in the Philly area if that helps any.

I'd like to get it ride-able as well as looking good - don't care much about strict originality unless of course it turns out to be valuable. Smile. Upgrades will be used when advisable/available. I do a lot of mechanical work on my own cars and motorcycles so I can probably handle it.

Thanks again.

Mike[Image: bike1.jpg]
[Image: bike2.jpg]
Hi Mike;

Yes, hardware store bike, not really collectible.

It is also not worth upgrading, in the bottom picture, notice how the tubes are joined to the drop outs (part the wheel, fender and chain guard is bolted to). It is bottom of the line construction, and prone to failure.

* clean things up as best as you can.
* take apart, clean and re-grease the pedals, wheel bearings, bottom bracket and headset. I use boat trailer wheel bearing grease.
* get new tires, and thorn resistant tubes, and single speed chain.
* ride it.
Nice old bike. Worth taking apart, get all the rust off it, lubricate it and clear coat it to stop it deteriorating further. Personally I like finding old bikes like that. Anything like that from the past, even though it may not be worth putting more money into, is well worth saving. There will always be people wanting them
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I am thinking "rat rod". Single speed, Deep V Velocity rims, updated crank and bearings, and some Ape hanger handle bars baby. Take pictures of the paint scheme in case you want replicate that. if not, sandblast it, get it wet and let it sit outside and get a rust patina. Keep it wet as long as it takes to get the desired effect. Keeping the important threaded areas greased of course. then lightly scrub it with a scotch-brite, tack and Clearcoat with Imron as is. You could even choose to do the white of the color scheme and leave the rest rust then Clearcoat it. Best of both worlds there. Thats what I am talking about baby!
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That is a cool bike and I like how it looks
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