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New guy needs a hand
Hello, I bought a bike the other day simply for getting from a to b. It was second hand with a back flat, no biggie. However the back breaks, when I pulled them they don't seem to spring back out for the wheel to turn, so I was fiddling about with it and made it a little better but then I noticed the break cable by the handle bars have come out of its mount, the wire is still in the lever but there is no tension.
Could someone help me with this? Tried looking on the Internet but can't see any clear videos or information about fixing it. thank you!
A bit of observation and logic applies here. The springs on the *brake* (not break) caliper pull the cable through the housing, both releasing the caliper from the rim and pulling the brake lever back to its resting position. If that can't happen then it's because the cable is sticking due to lack of lubrication, rust/dirt, or a cable that has kinks or broken strands. Replace the cable/housing or, if the cable looks OK when you pull it, feed some oil onto the cable as you reinsert it and readjust the brakes. Google "replace brake cable" and "adjust brakes" (without quotes). sheldonbrown.com and parktool.com/blog are considered the best resources. Check them first then look at videos.
I believe I'm just going to have to replace it, the break line for the front seems newer than the rear. Still not sure on how to "fix" the loose line from the handles. Appreciate the reply Smile
Again, they're called brakes, the "handles" are called levers, and what connects them is a brake cable, enclosed by housing. The problem at the levers is the SAME problem as what is causing the problem at the calipers, so fixing one will fix the other. I'm realizing though that it's also possible that the pivot on the caliper is too tight, but that is much less common.
Disconnect the cable from the rear brake and see if the brake arms spring open. See if the cable slides freely, perhaps some lubricant will help there. You can put a baggie on one end put the cable end through it and a rubber band around the cable to keep it from dripping and add some oil into the bag hang it straight and let the oil drip out of the bottom.

Three things can cause the brake to bind: frayed/rust inside cable, too tight mounting bolt and a broken spring in the brake arms them selves.

Photo of brake would help...........
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