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1984 Schwinn VoyageurSP
Picked up this nice touring bike to flip from days gone by. Paid $30 for it. The guy said when he got it the drop bars were gone and it had this uncomfortable leather saddle on it so he put that huge one on in the picture. He said I could have it with the bike if I bought it. I said let me see it and he dug around and laid in my hands a brooks B17 saddle with a patina that was so pretty I said I'll take it! I would have no problem selling this saddle for $100 alone. The bike frame its self is quite nice with Columbus sp/sl tubing and plety of rack and bottle mounts. I thought I would post a pic of the rear Derailleur because they are unusual and pretty rare and most people have never seen one. I got home, hung the seat on the wall and posted the bike on Craigslist and in a few hours it was gone for $100. People really love these higher quality steel frames, I find it hard to pass them up on the cheap. Not bad for an hours work to grab a bike and a sweet Brooks, I will save that for just the right time.
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That is a very good find, with Columbus frame. Frame alone is worth it. Man nothing like that in my woods. Nice.

BTW the 1985 Fuji del ray I have has the same rear Derailleur.

Has ir been converted to mountain bike shifters?


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Thanks guys, it had a great ride and pretty light for a 22in. frame, it did have infinite indent thumbies but not indexed when I got it. If I did not have so many bikes for myself and more hours in a day I would have loved to re do this bike for sure. My wife found it as usual, and after being hounded enough I said lets go for a drive. After I saw the brooks saddle with a patina you just cannot duplicate, I was sold. Plus I knew I would have no problem moving it for a hundred or so real fast. I did not even touch it, just posted it a nearly original with columbus tubing and a great project bike built for touring. Speaking of your Delray George, I know where its twin brother is, I was @ a bike shop the other day that still takes trade-ins and sells used bikes and when I am there i always go in the basement to shop around for anything I might need and then I spied upon your bike hanging in the corner, looking pretty good too, I will have to go back and pull it down and give it a closer look. Did not have time that day as they were closing. Sometimes people just do not realize what they have and never will! I love these older bikes.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
I was looking for a Schwinn Super le Tour and my neighbor told me he had a 1985 Fuji del Rey. I got it for $90 gave him back clip on pedals and race seat and put about $200 refurbishing it. The frame sold me on quality steel rides. The only thing I do not like is the non SS spokes, not great by the beach. I painted them black with oil based paint.

Never Give Up!!!

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