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Searching for 20mm seatpost
I bought a second-hand first bike for my grandson, and the saddle is a one-piece element with the seatpost. The saddle needs replacing but unfortunately the post is very narrow - 20mm in diameter. Does anyone know where to to buy either the all-in-one saddle/20mm post, or a 20mm post to which I can fit a saddle?
Thanks in advance for your help/advice.<br />

If you have no luck with sorting your saddle.<br />
How about one of these:-<br />
http://www.wallbike.com/accessories/clamp_ideale.html<br />
Cut the top off your existing post and using this style of clamp you can fit a "normal" saddle.<br />
The only thing is the clamp is designed for 7/8" posts (22mm) but may clamp to your 20mm post.
Some saddles come with clamps but are not always used, so ask at your local bike shop.

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Languedocfox: Depending on where you live, try to find out if there is a bike coop or another shop that focuses on used bikes and parts. I know one of the small shops carries smaller diameter seat posts where I live. And, just checked ebay and looked like there were some on there if you can find one locally.

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