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Advice needed for schwinn adult trike
Hi...just seeing if someone had any advice....my son has older model schwinn adult trike...when he was riding it tonight something happened where he can peddle & move the bigger chain but it wont move the smaller chain on back wheel...its like hes free wheeling...like something isnt engaging....any ideas?
IF it is a trike that freewheels (you can coast without peddling), then either the freewheel in the transfer box is broken or if you are lucky, it just needs to be flushed out with solvent, and relubricated. I would get a 12oz spray can of Tri-Flo and blast it (the whole can) through the freewheel from one side.

The freewheel looks something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Shimano-SF-1200-Single-Speed-Freewheel/dp/B001GSOJB6/

Of course, there is very good chance that the above guess is not correct, as you have provided very little information, and no pictures.

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