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Chains don't move when I pedal forward.
I have a seven speed Raleigh bike. Recently, when cycling the bike stopped moving forward when I pedaled. The gears and tires don't move when I pedal forward but do move when i pedal backwards. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

As someone who is mechanically challenged, I appreciate any assistance. Thank you!
It is not possible for the "gears" to not move when you pedal forward. The pedals/crank move the chainwheel, which moved the chain, and the chain is engaged with the rear cog(s). Perhaps you mean the chain does not drive the bike forward when you pedal. IF that is the case then either the rear freewheel body or the free hub pawls are gummed up, or the pawls/springs are broken. Best to have someone in person look at it, or post a better description or a video.

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