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Help me identify my freewheel...
I have an old 10 speed I'm converting to a single speed and cant seem to find the right tool to remove the freewheel. The markings on it are a RD, 333, and a S in a circle. And of course Shimano Freewheel. I have a Park Tools FR-1 and FR-5 freewheel tools but both are too large. Need a 12-spline tool under 20mm.
Any ideas?
The tool you need is called a TL20 (TL-20); rather rare. Is the cogset really a freewheel? This is the tool used to remove the cogset on bikes with Shimano's front freewheel system (FFS).

If you are close, you can come over and remove your cogset.
Cool, thank you. Definitely a freewheel. I'm not close but appreciate the offer. I'll begin searching for this vintage tool.
Bid on a TL-20FW tool and won on flea bay, fingers crossed...
Tools came today, went right to work. Fit perfect. Freewheel came right off. 16 tooth ACS freewheel went right back on. Played with side to side spacing, got chain lined up. Out the door for a ride round town. Ratio is perfect for my area, climbed the steepest hill in town but wasn't easy. Had to zig zag my way up it. Funny coincidence
Ordered a ACS freewheel, wheel ended up having a '79 ACS hub.
Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
your welcome, glad to be of assistance. Smile

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