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Old bike cant climb hills or shift
Ive got a rusty bike that my friend gave me. It is a cheap walmart bike, and was neglected for about a year. Needless to say the bike will not shift at all. The part of the shifter on the handle bar for the back gears will move all the way, but the gears will not change at all. The other shifter is completely jammed.

Additionally, you can ride it okay as long as the pressure on the pedals isnt too bad, but once i go up a hill the bike gives way kinda. The chain doesnt pop off. There is just no more resistance from the bike for about a revolution or after the incident. This will repeat constantly going up a hill.

Ive lubed up everything and tried to fiddle with it, but this is the first time ive really looked into bike repair.
If the shifter moves, but the derailleur at the back does not, the cable is probably disconnected or broken.

On the jammed front derailleur, try detaching the cable and try to move it by hand so see if it is seized or if the cable itself is locked up somewhere.

The slipping under heavy pedaling pressure could be a worn chain & cassette. Or if could be a worn out ratchet on the inside of the freewheel.

A lot of this may be fixable with a little twiddling and lubing. But if you are starting to look at $100 worth of parts, it may make sense to give up and buy a new bike sadly. Walmart bike often aren't worth putting money in to, semi-disposable.

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