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1980 Schwinn Traveler III
Just purchased this 1980 Schwinn Traveler. The tires definitely need replacing (dry rot) and am in the process of replacing frayed break cables that prevented the rear breaks from working. The rest of the components appear to be of that era though I can't say for sure.

New to bikes and was wondering what upgrades people recommended?? Tires (Continental Gatorskins vs Schwalbe Marathon)? Recommendations for repairing paint chips on frame?

[Image: 00t0t_evMRbeO4Pp2_600x450_zpsd4cb24a3.jpg]

[Image: 00A0A_72yQTDGjiub_600x450_zpsaef9800c.jpg]

[Image: 01515_64oLnzeW26K_600x450_zpseb2c4371.jpg]

Here's a close-up of the paint chips:

[Image: baf2ec2f-4dc2-4f10-a4dd-ac155afd4cc4_zps9190469d.jpg]
tires: Avenir or Kenda 28-630 if you keep the ISO630 (27") rims.
brakes: Tektro R559
new brake levers (Brifters) and cross levers - the suicide levers on the bike are dangerous
alloy rims - may want to change to ISO622 tires at the same time.
cassette rear hub (130mm OLD will be okay, that is only 2mm per side wider than original)
Brifters (Shimano or Sunrace/Nashbar)
new RD compatible with index shifting
SRAM bar tape

I would not change the crankset, or forks.

I would re-build the headset, BB, and wheel bearings.

I might change to a cartridge bearing BB.
Thanks for all the advice!

Could you provide a link to recommended components for rebuilding the headset (brake levers and RD)?

What do you think about the cosmetic aspects of the frame?
(10-03-2013, 12:56 PM)rmash Wrote:  What do you think about the cosmetic aspects of the frame?

Auto touch up paint comes in little bottles and you may be able to get a decent color match. Nail polish is actually also a good option. Remove rust before you cover up chips. Be prepared that you'll always see the chips even with touch up paint. But it'll look better.

My basic upgrade advice is tires, brake pads, and a seat if the old one is uncomfortable. Beyond that you need to think a little about what the goal is before dropping a lot of money.
(10-03-2013, 12:56 PM)rmash Wrote:  ...
Could you provide a link to recommended components for rebuilding the headset (brake levers and RD)?

HUH? headset is the bearing system for steering.

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