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700c wheels on Raleigh Technium
I'm just starting to peice together a bike just for fun. I got a Raleigh technium frame from a friend and went about buying some wheels for the sucker. I got a set of older 700c wheels along with a 7 speed cassette but when I went to assemble it, the wheel hub is too wide for the frame.

I dont know if this is because I got the wrong wheel size or the cassette is too bulky or the frame is warped. I'm very new to all that is biking and thought this would be a first fun project to get involved with but now it seems I'm stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Raleigh has you the Technium name and dozens of different bikes, so we have no idea what you have; tell everything you know about it, and post pictures.

It sounds like the O.L.D. of the hub does not match the frame.

Based on a quick Google search, a Technium could be a road bike, a hybrid, a mountain bike - or possibly something else. Which means the O.L.D. that the frame is looking for is probably 126mm or 130mm or 135mm - one an aluminum frame, which most Techniums seem to be, the hub and frame have to match. On a steel frame, you can often get the next size up or down to work.

If it is an aluminum frame, and it is bent - cut it up for scrap. The likelihood of catastrophic failure is very high.

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