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Mongoose Sycamore -- All Terrains?
Hey Guys,
Picked up a new addition to my older Mountain bike collection today(see pic). Doesn't look like it's going to be too bad to clean up and get going again. Definitely going to need some new cables.
Does anyone know how to measure frame size on these older Mongoose frames? I'm not sure if it is center of crank to top end of seat tube or to the center of the top tube. I believe GT does their sizing a little different than the others, but not sure about Mongoose.
Also, does anyone know about what year this bike is? Maybe you had one?...
I would put it @1988. Sorry I do not have a scanner so the pic is bad but is says that frame size is measured from the center of the crank to the center of the toptube where it intersects the seat tube. The earliest brochure I could find quickly and snap this pic is from 1993 so I would imagine yours is the same. I used to be a mongoose dealer back then. by the brakes and if it is an 18 speed i would say 1988. to many years and to many beers! Smile nice bike though. what crank do you have on it? I may have a new one or two buried somewhere
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Ahhh,... I was measuring to the very top end of seat tube and getting 22".
Awesome !!!...
Thanks for the help !!!!!!!,
(07-18-2013, 01:08 AM)!TREK4ME! Wrote:  Ahhh,... I was measuring to the very top end of seat tube and getting 22".
Awesome !!!...
Thanks for the help !!!!!!!,
My size Smile
Just not my size... Dag-gummit !!... I was wandering why it felt so small...
Looks like a 20", I need at least a 21", but 22" is even better. Oh, well...
Man, I hate being TALL sometimes !!
Thanks again,

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