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My Battaglin?
Here is my Battaglin bike I bought recently. I don't know what model it is or age. Any help on id would be appreciated.
Thats a top notch bike company from Italy. i would like to see more pics of all markings on the bikes and components. that would help get closer to the year and model. I do not think this company makes any what I would call low-end bikes and they may only sell dealer- direct with many bikes sold with customer picked components. Without more pics I would guess it to late 90 to early 2000 of age.
you have yourself a special bike there no matter what the level components you have.
I find it funny sometimes when people just pick up a bicycle and say I do not know anything about it or what year it may be. So how is it that such as yourself would come to terms as to whether or not you got it at a good price or not? So I would imagine you got a good deal as most people I deal with do not like to spend a ton of money at all to speak of.
As it goes no matter of the manufacturer, frame material, the first things most would compare from bike to bike would be the components and price. Then figure in the pluses and minuses of the brand and attributes of the frame in their own mind to decide what they want. What i like about yours is merely the fact that you will not see one on every street corner, comes from a race inspired company. Ride her proud! and lets see some more detailed pics
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Cheers for the reply, I researched Battaglin when I saw it up on eBay and knew it was pretty special. I picked it up for £250. Only thing is it has nothing to imply a model.
I am away from the bike right now but I know it has campagnolo veloce gearsets. Campagnolo brakes. I'll upload some more pics when I can, I may have some on my phone.
I guess the front forks are carbon and a fairly lightweight frame. The bike as a whole weighs approx 9kg.

I'm hoping to change my crank to a triple ring from the existing twin. I have posted a thread in the crank forum.
I think ya did good, I would send a picture of the bike to the company and maybe they could shed some light for you. As I said many were built to what the customer wanted, they picked the frame trial, road etc.. so the same road frame may have several combinations and not so model specific
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Yea thats a sweet bike!!!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Here are some additional photos of the bike I have on my phone.
I think I may well send some pics to Battaglin to see if they can shed some light.


You stole it at 250. Now - ride it like you stole it! Smile
That is a super-sweet and primo example of a bike mfg company catering to the desires of its customers, like painkiller said!
"Here is the Frameset. What would you like us to hang on it for you?"
It's like going to the Subway (USA) sandwich shop and ordering a sandwich specially made for you. Onions, pickles and mustard? Yes Sir!
What kind of cheese, sir? "Campy, please". Extra Spicy? "Yes, please." Smile

If Campy Veloce was ordered on this bike from a factory build, I would estimate its birth at 2003. Give or take a year. If the only Veloce component is the rear derailluer, we have to start over.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
Haha cool.

All components are campy veloce Smile
wow i have the exact same bike, i bought in november for £350 so we can see who got the better deal haha. i emailed battaglin in December to which they haven't bothered replying, saying that i did write it in English and their Italian haha. I thought mine was almost a one of a kind sort of thing as i hadn't seen it on the internet until before today.
I just bought a C3 with the following spec:

Full Carbon Size Small (52)SeatSelle Italia Gel FlowSeatpinFSA SL-KCalipersCampagnolo ChorusStemFSA XC 185ChainsetCampagnolo Alloy 53/39 - 170 Length
Front MechCampagnolo 10 Speed ChorusRear MechCampagnolo Chorus Carbon 10 Speed Pedals
Look Keo Classic WheelsFIR Ekip 700c LeversCampagnolo Chorus 10 SpeedHandlebars3T 47cm wide
Bottom BracketCampagnolo ChorusBlockFulcrum 10 Speed 12 - 23

Anyone have any idea how old this is likely to be??

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