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Help with a Specialized Hot Rock BB
Hello there guys.
Last week, my wife's Miele Umbria was stolen (sux... we both loved that bike, it was my bike before I got my Trek 7000).
Because of that, we needed to go back to a small Specialized Hot Rock that a friend gave her. It's an 11" frame, with 24" rims and MTB tires.
I tuned the bike for her to use, BUT, I think the BB is gone or at least, it needs a lot of love.
When I rock the crank arm, it has A LOT of lateral movement.
Can you guys help me identify the type of BB that bike has?
I'm pretty confident I can fix pretty much everything on a bike, BUT, the BB is one thing I NEVER worked on (rims are another one)...
Any help is very welcome!
C'mon guys... 60 views and no love? LOL
It appears to be a cartridge bottom bracket with a lock ring. replace it. I do not know what you have for tools but you will need a lock ring spanner or a screw driver and hammer to carefully tap the lock ring loose, you will also need a BB removal tool/socket. crank extractor to pull the arms off. measure the spindle length in MM and purchase the same length and proper shell width. it would look like this or similar 68x113. when shopping it may be called Euro or British standard. refer to tutorials on botton bracket replacement here or youtube. it is an easy task with proper tools. your new one may not have the lockring but no big deal. many brands to choose from. I buy on ebay or anywhere I find a good deal. after you remove the old one clean the shell good and lube well before re-assembly. IF you have problems removing the lock ring, try a pipe wrench. it will give the torque you need to pop it loose but be careful not to scratch your bike. be careful not to force the new one in the threads and strip them. to tap and face your BB shell will cost you dearly. it will have to go to the shop for that unless you lay down $600 or so for that tool. But you will be the envy of many if you own one!
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Thanks PK! 68mm is the size measured from the BB shell... I already measured that, but what about the 113?
Axle length. Has to match the specs of the crank set.
(07-23-2012, 03:07 AM)Joe_W Wrote:  Axle length. Has to match the specs of the crank set.

the 113 was just an example, spec the crank to get the right one for you
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Look up the crank set at
and get a Shimano sealed unit to match.

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