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Crank thread gone!
Just after a bit of advice really, I was riding today and my right pedal began to come loose. I checked and the entire screw thread on the crank has sheared, its a bontrager sport set. I'm reluctant to buy a new one as I can't see any new ones for cheaper than £70 so I was just wondering about any other fixes people may know of. I was wondering about drilling through the bottom of the crank and pedal screw bit and trying to fit a screw into it to sure it up?
Crank arm thread repair kits used to be available like these;
but as bikes use a cycle specific thread, you needed a special, I don't know if these are still made, you could try e-mailing them to see, or try your local bike shops, they may still have stock.
This damage is usually caused by not fitting the pedals tight enough on assembly.
They are still available, but they're not cheap and it's likely going to be more economical to replace the crank(s):



More info:


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