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Skipping chain
commuter 10 miles a day round trip.2006 specialized hardrock sport.skips when torqued, (stop and starts, traffic lights). replaced chain, sprocket, and had deralieurs adjusted, at the shop. still skips not as bad as before, what else can it be? do i need a new hub? can i rebuild my hub? what else can i do?
Skips to a higher gear on the rear? To a different chainring on the front?
Chain rings can wear, too, this leads to the above mentioned skipping (like worn chain, worn cassette).
after repairs the skipping to a different gear stopped.still skips once in a while when starting from a stop.
Skipping / slipping chain: sign of either wrong setup (readjust... again) or wear on cassette / chainrings
Autoshifting / skipping from one gear to the other: bad setup, autoshifting friction shifters, gummed up cables and several more
I recently bent my chain on a mis-shift to the large chainring. The result was that the chain would skip every couple of crank rotations - so you may have a bent chain link.

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