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SRAM and Shimano compatibility
Hiya all, I'm a newbie here. Just started on the hobby of repairing/rebuilding bikes. I like fixing them more than I enjoy riding them. Go figure. I have about 16 bikes in various condition and am currently repairing 3-5 of them, switching from one to another as I wait for parts and research. I usually work outside my garage (car garage, not a workshop) and have quite a number of passerbys ask questions and for help. I do not charge anything except if I have to buy spare parts for them. I repair their bikes gratis, if I can figure out what the problem is and if it's not too major a task. I would like to know more so that I can actually be a better help. I'm not running a business, I have a full time job. This is just for fun.

Almost all the running componentry on the bikes I own are Shimano. Would it be a problem to fit SRAM components into the mix?

I like the SRAM powerlink chains and it seems to work ok with Shimano groupsets and sprockets. Can I run a Shimano groupset with SRAM cassettes? Noobish question but I'm curious. So much to learn.

You can mix and match most Shimano and SRAM components. Chains and cassettes are not a problem, you can use SRAM chains with Shimano casettes and vice versa.

However, you can't mix and match Shimano and SRAM shifters and mechs.

Also, you might want to take a look at this: http://www.cantitoeroad.com/connex. Since seeing this I've used Campagnolo Record 9 speed chains on my MTBs. They only came in fourth in the test, but they are less than half the price of the Wippermann chains, making them the best value and lowest cost per mile if you see what I mean. In any case, the Campagnolo chains did significantly better than both the Shimano and SRAM chains. The SRAM chains in particular seem to do very badly and this seems to be the case in real life, the SRAM chain I had on my MTB seemed to wear very quickly.
I like SRAM chains - commuting use only, and get 5K+ miles out of them.

SRAM does make MRX and TRX shifters which are compatible with Shimano rear derailleurs. All SRAM shifters for the front work with Shimano front derailleurs.

Our tandem and one of my commuters have SRAM MRX rear shifter with Shimano derailleurs - I like SRAM twist grips better than Shimano twist grips.
Thanks heaps for the info. I'm only going to be putting a new sprocket and chain on a Marin flat bar which has Shimano componentry. Would have bet that it would be an ok fit but just needed confirmation before I actually do the deed.

I'll stick to SRAM chains at the moment until I'm a little more confident about the various different makes and start experimenting. A lot of the info I'm reading at the moment I don't really understand. That will probably come with time and experience.

Cheers again

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