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I'm new here. I was in a car accident a while ago so I have not been on a bike in years. I just got one. It happens to be green, my favorite color. It's an 18 speed huffy mountain bike with an oversized frame. I already have issues. However I'm looking forward to getting to know my bike better. I love to fix things and get my hands dirty, so it should be fun. I'm just looking to share this experience with people who are interested. So far I've been riding for two days. Hopefully I can ride a bit everyday. Thanks to all of you for reading. Ride well.
Welcome to the forum. You will find plenty of great advice here on maintenance and repair of you bike.
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welcome to Biketutor Angie! This is Bob
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welcome about Angie. We are happy to assist over the 'net, or face to face if you are close enough.

Feel free to Show off your bike: http://forums.bikeride.com/forum-36.html
Welcome to Bike tutor, Angie! If you have any questions about bikes, odds are there is someone here who can answer them.


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