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Need help reassembling brake lever
i took the brake lever apart the one with the spring in it, it was the right side that controls the rear brake, i cant get it back together and put the spring tension back together, can anyone help me. Thanks
need more info, how about some pics or model# and brand
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(01-23-2012, 04:32 AM)painkiller Wrote:  need more info, how about some pics or model# and brand
get pics or model# but the info i can get is that the brand is columbia and the model is called trailhead.

Insufficient information to help at all. Columbia Trailhead sounds like a low end MTB/ATB/Cruiser.

Brake levers are very inexpensive - Amazon carries literally hundreds of different ones, and there are many more on eBay.

No pictures, nothing we can do.

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