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Bench Vise Repair Stand
Anyone have a path to a DIY bench vise mounted bicycle repair stand?
I haven't seen one for sale, so I made one that is clamped by a bench vise.

It's easy and cheap, but a welder makes it even easier. I used two pieces of angle iron welded together to form the clamping piece. Then I welded black steel pipe from hardware stores to the top. Then I added an "el", a short piece, a "Tee" section, a couple more "els", yadda-yadda. I also used some foam rubber and duct tape to protect the bicycle's finish. Just strap the frame to the stand and you're good to go.

If you don't tighten the pipe pieces, or tighten them just right, you can have some room to position the bicycle at different angles.

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
I always liked this clamp arrangement, not mine, but one I have on file.

[Image: bikeworkstandclamp.jpg]

Uploaded with
Another along similar lines.

[Image: bikerepairstand1.jpg]

The clamping arrangement is similar to the above example and there is a self loading feature (lift) but no explanation was given to how it operates. It appears that winch travels down inside the column. Anyone see how it might work (Q mark)*

*my keyboard has gone French....gotta go figure out how to get it back on track

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