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Fuji Monterey
Snagged a 1981 Fuji Monterey for $10. All original, very low usage, and in great shape. Needed new tires and tubes, but with a thorough cleaning and lubing all else looks good.

Anyone have any opinions, suggestions, or random thoughts on this bike?

Thanks in advance for your replies!
Check for yourself, including link to Fuji catalogues. Its not Fuji's finest, but at that price you cannot go wrong. Its a solid rider with some nice equipment on it. Go through all the bearings, wheels, steering and Bottom bracket , clean and grease. Clean chain and service derailers and shifters. Make sure brake pads are usable, lub cables. (See this site for tech info.) Ride.

I got a 1985 Fuji del rey. Very nice. Shimano UN54 BB is a good replacement as parts are NLA.

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The Fuji Monterey cleaned up real well.

One thing has me wondering, though. When clamped upside down on my workbench, I hear some unusual sounds coming from the freewheel while spinning in reverse. Not the normal sounds that the freewheel makes, but additional noise, almost like there is a ball bearing rattling around loose or something. I did not have the tools to dismantle the freewheel, but am wondering if these extra slight sounds are normal.


Yes the bike looks great. As per freewheel , it is very old, you could try spraying Teflon spray in the center and let it drip in with the bike on the side, better if the freewheel is of dripping from the back side too. New freewheel is not expensive. They do wear and in your case dry out.

You are lucky the spokes are clean. Here by the ocean got to have SS spokes.
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Very nice bike. I don't know where these deals are hiding when I around because it seems that I can never find them. Where did you get it for $10.00?
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The spokes are Wing Star #14 steel, and the rims are UKAI steel. They took a bit of elbow grease, steel wool, and WD40 to shine up, but they turned out great.

Good tip on the freewheel, George, I'll give it a try. If I wanted to tear it apart, what tool would I need? The "rear cluster", as listed in the catalog, is a Sun Tour Perfect with 14, 16, 19, 24, and 28 teeth.

By not being able to dismantle the freewheel, I was only able to clean and re-lube one side of the rear axle. So the axle bearing set on the freewheel side may be the source of the "grumbling" sound.

John, the bike was hanging in the rafters of a barn sale, but behind a tarp indicating "not for sale". I ask, and the wife says to call her husband. I do, and offer him $10, and he takes it. Other than a layer of dust and slight surface rust on the rims and spokes, this bike was MINT!

I really think this bike had very little use. Brake pads show little wear, all decals are intact, handlebar tape is mint (may have been replaced...), derailleur limits were perfect, cables were taut, cable guides were intact, and the plastic guides on the rear component had no wear, either. The cheapest component on the bike are the plastic "Cat Eye" wheel reflectors, and even they were fully intact and in good shape.
Just do not ride on your bench upside down and use it for awhile, follow georgeETs advice and get back later. nice ride you got a good deal
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Enclosing links to freewheel tools. A photo of freewheel (wheel off) would be helpful since some mechanics on this list may recognize it. Ye you really should service the bearings on the freewheel side too. Start knowing that you got a completely serviced bike and it will last.

You take good photos, BTW. Its real frustrating to see some of the blubs posted by people .


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Bought the tool, and the freewheel came off easily.
So now the SUNTOUR Perfect is off and gasoline clean.

Now, what should I use to lube it, since the bike shop I visited does not sell "Phil's" oil specifically made for freewheels. He showed it to me on my finger and it had a kind of "stickyness" to it. I have to finish this bike by tomorrow to send to Chicago with my son, so hopefully I have something in my garage that will work, or at the local hardware store.

Thinking out loud, could I use a synthetic blend heavier weight motor oil? I could leave it immersed for a few hours, spinning occasionally...


Marvel Mystery Oil?
Teflon spray lube?
Sampson S-Glide synthetic lubricant?

IMO If you got Teflon spray thats what I would use. Eventually replacement may be needed.

The cluster looks in good shape.

With the steel rims do get new brake pads old pads may not grab well especially wet.
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(08-14-2011, 11:33 PM)GeorgeET Wrote:  I got a 1985 Fuji del rey. Very nice. Shimano UN54 BB is a good replacement as parts are NLA.


I bought a 25" red Monterey '81 from my neighbor for $40. Been using it as a city commuter but need to give it some love. I could spend 80+ dollars to have my local bike shop do it, or I could find a place to hang my bike and learn how to do it myself.

I have a specific question about mounting a rear rack, though. I bought a Planet Bike eco rack 4002 and it looks like there is a rear rack mount attached to the rear brake mechanism (not a mechanic so I apologize for the laymen terms). It may also be a rear light mount which probably means it wasn't meant to support much weight.

It looks like you attached a rear rack to your del rey to the two rear forks, in a similar fashion to what I would have to do. What parts did you use to mount the upper rack? The kit provided two mounting brackets and bolts, nuts, and washers. I want to be confident it will be weight-bearing before I ride with it. The rack claims a 55 lb capacity but I doubt I will ever ride with that much weight.

These are what I used. your local bike shop should have them.

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Don't take a apart the freewheel - cleaning it was the right move. No, they don't really "wear out" internally. The pawl springs can break and bearings can get rusty, though. Any heavy weight oil will be fine, and will protect much better against rust than the Teflon spray, as well as making the freewheel much quieter. Drip oil into the gap on the front of the freewheel while you are spinning it, with a rag in the back to catch the excess that comes through. When you hear the sound change you've put in enough oil. Leave in place for a few hours for any excess to go onto the rag and you're all set.

...just noticed this is a resurrected older post - still useful info above, though.

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