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My aerobars
I'm lucky enough to work at a machine shop and have access to machinery to manufacture just about anything. I designed and manufactured aerobars for my 1980 Schwinn World Sport road bike.[attachment=2662][attachment=2661]
Very nice! I'll bet the cost was next to nothing also. It is nice to work in places where you have the tools and ability to do things like this. Are you leaving the bars as is or are you going to wrap them or put on some kind of finish?

My wife gave me a set of PD Airstrykes for Father's Day but I haven't put them on the bike yet. I need to mount and adjust it when the bike is on the trainer so I don't have to waste all that time while out on the road. Just been too lazy to put the bike on the trainer.
HCFR Cycling Team
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Thank you for the feedback. The material was inexpensive and the armrest kit was the only thing I purchased besides bolts. I researched buying them but beginner style aerobars were more than what I put into these.

I plan on wrapping them but first I need to make an adapter for bar-end shifters since I used 3/4 tubing instead of 7/8. Pictures to come of the progress.

So far I've ridden them a few times so far and love them. My neighbor is an avid rider and tried them out with positive remarks. Now he has me in mind for making bike components!!

Good luck fitting yours! It took me about forty-five minutes to install them on my trainer. Expect to tweak them some after you take them on the road.
That is awesome. Nice work!
The only thing I don't think that I would like about bar end shifters on aero's is that you are committed to the aero position to shift. From what I am told, this doesn't work very well when climbing, but it's great for flats. I have several friends that have tri bilkes and love them but we are pretty flat here in this part of Florida and have to go further north to get into hills. Have you considered STI shifters?
HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily
Pretty nifty though!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I know of STI but it's too costly and I would have to rework the rear spread to accommodate more than a 5s (I tried a 7s with no luck). I was planning to make bar-ends but fortunately my uncle had a pair he would never use. With the option and almost necessity of friction shifting it works with what I got and how I ride. Currently it runs on stem-mounted friction shifters so the reaching is not new either.
So as mentioned before, I was making adapters for the bar-end shifters. I finally got around to producing them and can now call the aerobars complete manufacturing-wise. I'm going to move around the clamps to get them even more central and aerodynamic.

I welcome your feedback.





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