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Chain Keeps Coming Off While Riding
I have a Cannondale Adventure 400

When I am riding, and I stop pedaling and just "coast", keeping the pedals in the same spot, the chain bunches up and then sometimes comes off.

In doing some troubleshooting, I discovered the following;
1). If I take my feet OFF the pedals - the pedals want to still turn rather than just stay in the spot where they are. (I have another Cannondale and it DOES NOT exhibit that symptom)

2). If I rotate the pedals backwards - it cause the problem to happen quicker.

3). If I just walk the bike beside me, the pedals want to rotate too. (I have another Cannondale and it DOES NOT exhibit that symptom)

Any help would be appreciated.
Your freewheel or freehub needs lubrication.
Okay thanks - but is that the rear sprocket or the one where the pedals are???

I am assuming I just remove and lubricate?

Any tips???

(05-08-2011, 08:36 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  Your freewheel or freehub needs lubrication.
I do not know if your bike has a freewheel or cassette.

Take a look at the following videos:
How to Replace A Freewheel
How to Replace a Cassette Cluster
How to Replace a Freehub Body
Beware! this is a potentionally dangerous fault as the chain can catch into the wheel and throw you off the bike.

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