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Front hub
Hi... just regreased the hub well and bearings
put axle bolt through then hand tighten,the bearings
keep popping out... they are well seated with teflon grease
driving me mad... any ideas folks... they are loose not caged
Picture of you setup there would greatly help.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
have you changed anything? sounds like too many balls or the wrong size
nothing has been changed,bearings looked fine
when i looked at them... replaced dust cover
but wheel doesn't sit in the forks... wheel has a q/r skewer
i may have to mess about with the adjustment
on the cone axle... thank you
check that one of the balls hasn't dropped through into the hub body, this can push the axle out of line.
thanks... thats what has happened, packed so much grease
lost count of the bearings each side... a happy conclusion
thanks again
glad to have been of help.

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