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where is the best place to buy bike shorts and how much would it be at it cheapest price?
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I assume these are for your big trip you referenced in your post about your bike. Tell us more about that trip. It might help us to determine what type of shorts you might need.

You can find cheap shorts at lots of places, but if you are taking a long trip and will be in the saddle for hours at a time you certainly don't want cheap shorts causing you problems. Best to get something of good quality and comfort. REI or Performance Bike. There are tons of place on the internet if you search.
Look around as they come in many different styles, and price ranges. I like the Canari and Bellwether brands. They have kept their shape after a bunch of washings better than the other brands have. As stated, if you are going for long haul shorts, be prepared to pay around $80.00 or more for good ones. The $45-50 dollar range shorts are OK for short rides, but you start to feel the saddle with them after 20 miles or so. The Bellwether shorts can be found online and most bike shops that carry clothing. The Canari I get from Dick's Sporting Goods. We don't have any LBS that are authorized dealers in this area other than Dick's.
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well my family trip is about 400km in 5 days. would the store mec be good for buying shorts?
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That appears to be the Canadian version of REI. Yes, you should be able to find something good there.
Hey soccer! RB and JV gave you some good direction. If I may - let me throw more info into the mix.
From your ride description, it sounds as if you are interested in lycra or, at least, under garments to wear under khaki shorts, etc?
These both come in 3 main sew patterns. Four Panel, 6 panel, 8 panel... The more panels, the better the fit; but at a higher price. Panel refers to the number of seams. Regular blue jeans are 2 panel; front and back sewn together.
Trust me - this is not where one wants to cut corners. Get the best that you can afford.
With that said - Bellweather, Bontrager, Canari, Castelli, Mt Borah, Pace and others are all companies that have been in the bike biz for a long time and supply good product in a price range that is based on both material and manufacturing quality. We can buy inexpensive 8 panel and more expensive 6 panel. Make sense?

(Edit) : oops... I didn't answer the question...
If you can try them on at MEC - cool.
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I would offer some good advice , but I have to say I fail in this dept! When it comes to wearing shorts I usually wear whatever does not constrict me whether sweaty or dry during my fun workout. However the above information is really awesome.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I forgot to add the info on the chamois (French for shammy). Smile
Better shorts will have a liner that is Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial or other like-advertisement. The best have the shammy impregnated with enough Anti- to stay effective through several machine washings before it is expected of YOU to take control. I wash my shorts in warm water and by hand 70% of the time. They last longer than machine washed.
NEVER PUT THEM IN A DRYER! Hang dry only, and after wringing well.

You will pay more for shorts treated thusly but, it is another mark of a quality short.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
I think you dont need to Go anywhere...
You can just buy online...
Their are many websites providing free shipping facility.
Just search on google abt Tri-shorts or Cycling-Shorts...
I love my Cycling Shorts & Tank Top

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