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Missing cable hold part

I was hoping someone could id a part for me.

In the pic below the center cable has a plastic surround (as normal). The surround has a larger end piece. This end piece enters a short plastic tube with a rim that keeps it in place in the holder on the frame.

The cable needs 2 of these tubes to hold it to the frame but I only have one.

[Image: img2433640x480.jpg]

The bike is a Trek 7.3 FX from 2006/7.

Does anyone know the name of this part or where I could obtain one? The gears don't seem to shift well without the part since the cable has some movement against the frame. Trek don't seem to sell them on their website.

Many thanks!
Try taking the bike to your LBS. They always have parts that are new or used that will work. At worst, if it is part of the cable assembly, you may have to get a new cable. As for the official part name, I haven't a clue.
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These are generally called "ferrules" or at least they are in the UK.
There are various types and sizes.
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