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new bike
Just bought a 2010 Sun Tour Easy LE. No miles yet do to snow but it fly's just sitting there!
The Journey is the Reward
Dang sweet bike man!
You will love how it rides! This is nearly the same model I rode once. The owner had to beg me to give it back because it was sooo comfotable I did not want to get off of it lol. I did give it back and explained to him I never rode a bicycle like these that were comfortable. He agreed and laughed. I really was not on it all that long he was joking me saying it was his new toy Big Grin
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Wow thats one cool looking bike, i gotta ask the cheeky question but how much would one of them set me back?
My wife has artificial hips and is afraid of falling off a regular bike so I got her the Sun EZ 3 TX Classic. She loves this bike and rides it almost every day (weather permitting). I have ridden it several times and despite it's 60 lb weight, it really moves. I have had it up to 19 mph at the paved trail that we ride. It's like bicycling on a lounge chair. Her only issue is that she can't seem to get it to go more than 12 mph, no matter how hard she tries, therefore, she doesn't go on the club rides with me. Now that she has built up the muscles in her leg, I think it's time to go with a tadpole style trike. I'm thinking of a Catrike or a Boomer (Australian made) which weigh in at around 30 lbs. and are much lower to the ground. Plus they have a 700c wheel in the rear which means she can hook it up to my trainer when the weather is bad.



Here is what we are looking at. It's the Boomer Model 70. The local Catrike dealer relocated out of state so we are left with the Boomer. There are other Catrike dealers in the area, but they are just a bit too far for me to go for maintenance and repair. Sorry that I don't have a larger photo.

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Wow, hell of a recumbent scoutmaster. Do real man ride armchair bikes? :-)))

I see a few different ones on the Venice Beach bike path some with fairings on them. Brave new world indeed.

BTW I lived in Natick MA in the late 80's
Never Give Up!!!

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