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NEXT 26" Women's Power Climber - some questions/issues
Hello, all. I am a newbie here and also getting into riding a mountainbike. We have a tight budget, so hubby got me early Christmas gift of the NEXT Power Climber. Great bike for the price, really. I know it is nothing fancy, but still happy to have a bike!

We already switched out the seat, which was one of the only gripes about this bike, especially considering the price. Thing is, I do not see any pre-drilled holes for mounting a water bottle cage. I have seen other sites that show just possible compatible cages, but I have only seen one showing that it was mounted on the vertical handlebar post. Any thoughts?

I am also quite new to a bike with twisting 18-speed index shifters. Any suggestions on smooth and proper usage? I took "her" out for a spin today for almost an hour at our local park, which has some slight inclines and declines and a bit of rocky terrain, for just over one mile on each ride around the park perimeter. I faired pretty well for my first time back on a bike in many, many years.

I am having knee surgery this Thursday and plan on using biking as a great way to rehab. I may even become a bit of a fanatic and start finding some trails to ride! Smile More than anything, it just felt great to ride today... It was the first time in a long time that I could clear my head.

My only other questions are:
1. Any suggestions for reasonably priced, quality helmet?
2. Suggestions for excellent security lock
3. Suggestions for replacing pedals/cranks? (Not a time-pressing issue, but would like to start researching)

Any help/recommendations are greatly appreciated from this novice!! :-) Happy Holidays!
Welcome to the world of cycling! NEXT bikes are walmart bikes, so what I always do first is check all of the bolts and make sure they are all tightened down enough.

For a water bottle cage. Some bikes have the holes on the bottom of the frame right above the bottom bracket on the down tube. If it doesn't you can go to your local bike shop and they have clamps that will go around your frame and allow you to mount a water bottle cage.

Twist shifts in my experience are just something you have to get used to the feel of. You get used to how much twist is needed to make a smooth shift. I've switched to bikes with rapid-fire shifters, but most of my family's and friends' bikes have twist shifts.

For a helmet, I just wear a BMX helmet, I can never remember the brand of it, but it works good for the riding I do.

For a lock most people would recommend a Kryptonite lock. I usually just go for a cable that feels thick enough that I couldn't cut through it with little wire cutters. Key vs combo it just depends which you feel you would be more comfortable with.

Cranks, I don't think you need to worry about that on a walmart bike. Most of those are 1 or 2 piece cranks I believe. Pedals I just go with what feels good to my feet. I have a set of alloy pedals on one of my bikes and the other I have the original plastic pedals with cages on them.

Good luck in your surgery. I'm sure you'll enjoy riding!
Thanks so much for the great insight and feedback. I am really excited to see this already! Have a really great holiday! Believe it or not, I already love the bike...imagine when I can upgrade in a few years to something "fancier" Smile
"Good is not good, when better is expected"
-Vin Scully
thats the best part of riding, you can think about things that need thinking about or think of nothing at all if thats what you need to do. as a recovering alcoholic, i reach for the handle bars instead of bottles when life gets to be to much. great mental therapy also! i never leave my ride unattended long enough to need a lock, cant help you there. i agree that your cranks should be fine, pedals i would choose based on grip desired. i dont wear a helmet, just one more thing to worry about scratching if i crash.Smile seriously, replace your helmet after every crash.
Get on your bad pedalscooter and ride!

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