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Good well rounded tool kit
Hi all,

I am looking to get into bicycle repair as a hobby (been looking for one for a while).

I'm just looking for a good list of absolutely required tools to do a full tear down, I am wondering though for a full bike tear down would this tool set be sufficient?


Or would it be cheaper to piece together my own kit as I do actually have a fair number of those tools.

Any information that y'all can provide would be great.


I think it will probably be cheaper to buy your own tools, personally I think some of the park tools are rather expensive for what they are, especially when compared to standard mechanics/engineering tools.

There are some bike specific tools you will need:

Chain tool:

Casette removal tool:

Set of tyre levers:

Bottom bracket tools: There are several different versions of these for different bottom bracket types: external, like Shimano Hollowtech, Sqaure taper etc. - take a look at the Repar Guide section of the site for more info.

Crank puller:

Chain Whip:

A set of cone spanners:

Cable cutter for brake and gear inners and outers:

I've linked to all these at Jenson USA, but shop around you may be able to find similar products cheaper elsewhere.

Other than that you can probably find standard tools cheaper at hardware shop or motorists accessory shop:
A set of allen keys that includes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm, one or two adjustable spanners/wrenches, one small, one large. A small and medium sized flat screwdriver and a small and medium pozidriv screwdriver, probably cheaper to buy a set. You may also need a torx driver if you have disc brakes and some chainsets use torx bolts. A couple of pairs of pliers is also handy, one standard, one needle nose.
Awesome, thank you for the list, should help out significantly.
I agree with Xerxes, there are a lot of irritating different standards so a "do-it-all" tool kit will inevitably contain some tools you don't need, and not include some you do.

I got one set, which was nice and included a chainwhip/headset wrench combi, a cassette lockring tool, cone spanners and various other bits. I needed to later buy an ISIS crank puller however, as well as a hollowtech spanner, and various random bits to finish off the bike (including some tools to service my own suspension).

If you can find a decent starter tool set, then that's a good start, but that's all, a start. You'll need to invest in a few more to finish it off.

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