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700X35C rear wheel
Hello at the forum. I am trying to purchase a new or used Hybrid rear wheel (Shimano 7 sp freehub).Wheel is 700X35c. They are difficult to find or out of my price range. I wouldn't have a problem spending $40 shipped.
The rim that I have was run over and it is "potatoe chipped". I have stood on it, released spoke tension,and tried to re adjust it a couple of times. (maybe 3rd time is a charm). Is it very difficult to replace a rim only? If that isn't too much trouble I would even try that.
Any feedback appreciated. Thanks Dan
Hi Dan. Are you seeing 700x35 on the tire? If so, that is tire size, not rim size and may be hindering your search results. A 35 mm rim would be unusual.
You don't mention whether or not your axle is Quick Release. I'll assume that it is. I only have my Seattle Bike Supply catg on-hand right now but, if you have a Local Bikes Shop, many are hooked up with SBS. Thier part number 130870 (for 130mm OLD) or 134329 (for 135mm OLD) should both sell for less than $40. OLD is Over Locknut Dimension. Remove wheel and measure the frame from inside to inside at the axle dropouts.
I hope this helps!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
Actually the tire size is 700X38C.The rim width is 24.5MM
In the grand scheme of things, many tire widths will fit on any given rim. They are not designed as "you need this size tire for this rim or your bike will explode and...". There are some major No-No's with regard to other tire/rim combos but, Hybrids are a pretty safe bet due to the limited widths available. The 134329 that I mentioned above is a 24 mm wide rim. By the way... these are pre-built wheels. Much cheaper than having your rim replaced. Rim alone may cost $20 and then Labor. Even if you do it yourself - is it worth the time that you could be riding?
I meant to add - don't bother matching what you are replacing exactly. Un-needed frustration. If you find a wheel with a 3mm wider or narrower rim width, just adjust the brakes and life will be grand!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
Winter is around the corner.The bike store near me has the wheel for $55+Tax.
This is a project bike that I probably will sell once fixed. Is the SBS online? BTW it is 135 OLD w/QR.
So is it possible to find the wheel with axle and freehub for $40? Thanks Dan
The wheel that your LBS has for $55 is probably of a higher quality than the one that I mentioned. Yes, SBS is online and you can browse the site but can not order from them. The point I was trying to make is that the wheel that you need is available for less than $40.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
One more point. The I have seen the wheel also at I think Bike USA or something. It was the best price at$35. Then I had to register and found the shipping was over$23.
Anyway I called a well known bike store in Stowe Ohio and I talked to them 2 days ago and today on the phone. I tried to make sure I wasn't going 40miles round trip for nothing. Well I bought the wheel and even brought the old wheel with me but I only brought the cassette and axle in the store.
Well I drove it all the way home to find out the tire was too large. The the outside drop (toward the hub)in the wheel is the problem. My rim is flat across theres had a rise toward the center.
What I find out is that the 700 X 35C I would have ordered on line may also have been wrong.
I will call and go back tomorrow maybe they will square this with me. Thanks Dan
One more point, I measured outside to outside with the new rim and it may be.010 in smaller than my old 24.5mm rim. Also both rims seem to measure 25" diameter.
The bike shop said drill the presta hole to shrader and I did. then assembled the tire and tube on the rim and the sidewall blew off the rim. Well then I got back to the bike store and ended up driving to them with all rims. The fella behind the counter took the wheel off me and released the air and proceeded to put air into the tire. Then he accomplished what I didn't my first time round. He got the rib all the way around the rim.

Well all I can say is this was my first experience with 700 wheels. The front wheel I did break down and replaced it's air and there was no problem. The new rear wheel is still in the back of my mind.and I don't know why there is all that space. Oh well thanks for you input.

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