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Collision repair questions
I was recently in a head-on collision with a truck. I was stopped at a stop sign and the driver turned into my lane and hit me. Luckily I am fine, aside from a few scrapes and bruises, but my bike suffered some damage. To make sure everything would be covered by the driver's insurance, I took my bike into a shop to have it assessed.

The front wheel was destroyed and my brake levers were bent, so those both obviously are going to be replaced. The mechanics didn't seem to be concerned about my carbon fork or the carbon seat stays, which suffered no obvious visual damage.

I had heard previously that after collisions like this carbon parts should be replaced. Should I be more concerned about this? Also, should I have the bike overhauled, or simply tuned-up in addition to the other repairs? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I would certainly be "concerned" about the fork though the stays were unlikely to have been damaged if it was a front end hit. Especially if it has a carbon steerer, I would insist that the fork be removed from the frame for inspection. I would contact the manufacturer for recommendation and ask if they think there is a risk of failure even if there is no visible damage (and if they would write a letter to that effect.)

I'd also inspect the headtube as well rather than the seat/chain stays, as that could be bent/cracked.

I'm impressed you're OK, collisions with trucks usually involve a lot more pain or worse. Hope you get everything sorted soon.
Glad to hear you thing you are OK. Do see a doctor and a lawyer to make sure you are OK. Being brave will cost you.

As per bike write up everything that was impacted and is questionable whether it show damage or not. Especially all the plastic parts.

If you do not claim bodily damage the ins co will be very happy to just pay for the bike. By law they are obligated to make it as NEW. In USA anyway. Paint damage and any little scratch. Your clothing too.
Make them pay for new parts its your choice how you fix things. Do not be a victim.
Never Give Up!!!
Yes definitely as well as getting yourself inspected get your bike inspected too.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Any thoughts on overhaul vs regular tune-up?

I was thinking overhaul would be a good way to make sure everything is in safe working condition...

Let me know what you all think, I really appreciate all the feedback!

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