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Wheel painting
I would like to spray my rims and spokes satin black or something similar.. But was wondering if i did would the brake blocks rub it straight off?
The paint on the brake surfaces wouldn't last 5 minutes. To be honest I think it's a bit of a non starter, it would be very difficult to prepare the spokes to be painted so that the paint adhered to them successfully, so it would probably soon start to come off and look tatty. In addition, you would likely gum up the spoke nipples and make it impossible to true the wheels if you needed to in the future.
(08-07-2010, 02:33 PM)xerxes Wrote:  The paint on the brake surfaces wouldn't last 5 minutes.

This is correct. If you are just making a fun bike to ride with your friends then it'd be cool to paint it. But xerxes is right, painting it will prolly hinder any future repairs.
Of you did not mind the spoke nipples being the same as they are previous to painting you could use masking tape and tape off the threads and nipples. Also tape off the sides where the brakes contact. If you are really good on detailing take off the masking tape and touch up the sides of the nipples with a fine detail brush. Would also take the axle, bearings, etc. and tape off the bearing cups.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I'd disassemble the wheel, paint the parts (or get coloured nipples and spokes) and reassemble. Otherwise it is too easy to get paint where it wouldn't belong: spoke threads, seals, inside the hub...
^I agree.

If I was bored enough to paint my rims (on a disc-only wheel) I'd dismantle the wheel and get the rims powdercoated, though I would have to be very bored to consider this option.

As others have said, don't bother with V-brake rims as the paint will fall off. You can get anodized spokes of various blingy colours (not sure where you'd get these from in the US), but I personally wouldn't bother as it's better to spend your money on strong spokes rather tan blingy spokes (especially if these are going on a bike that will see some abuse!). DT Swiss do black spokes (I use the standard spokes they sell in silver which are exactly the same other than finish and they're ideal even for heavy duty Downhill)
While I agree with all the above comments re problems that can come up. IMO painting rusty spokes may be an exception. Of course relacing the wheel is tops.

I have non SS spokes on my bikes and I may just clean the rust with steel wool to smooth them out and than paint lightly with black rustoleum enamel using a sponge brush or a rag. Rustoleum oil paint is very hard and lasts a long time. It will also protect the spokes from more rusting. The rims are black already so it may be worth a try. Kind of a hail mary pass.:-)) for the football fans out there.

As far as paint interfering with spoke adjustment I doubt it, and a quick cleaning with wire brush would help if needed. The nipples are brass I think so I may just mask them. Not looking for a show bike look here.

If I decide to relace with SS spokes I'd do one spoke at a time . So as not to get buried with truing. Right now its riding time so its a winter project..
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