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My new aquisition! Help!
Inherited, actually (1 of 2) and I'll be soliciting your knowledge for the other when I get some pictures. I know nothing about them!, but did learn in the forum how to tell the year. 1952, Right? Question is... keep as is, restore, sell? I could use some advice on average cost of restoration? Restored market value? It appears all original to my uneducated eye, with the exception of the fact that the rims have been brush painted silver. I'm assuming all non painted parts are chrome, but some appear to be nickel. And what's that button on the tank?

Click Photo to see full size!
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Any help/advice is appretiated, Thanks, Kevin
The byke is in excellent vintage condition. Carefully clean it and do not try to restore it it does not need it and the value is greater as original .No idea to value but it would make great living room art, and an occasional funky ride.

That is the perfect floor to take the picture. :-))

Never Give Up!!!
Cool thanks, that sounds much easier than restoring. After I clean it, is it acceptable to brush touch up chips with properly matched paint and possibly redo the rims. I'm a bit retentive and having trouble looking at the rims. Or are you suggesting just clean it and leave at that. Thanks, Kevin
Thats a tight call re chips. 50/60 I suppose if done perfectly its ok otherwise just clean and put some rust reformer on them from rustoleum to stop more rust or some clear nailpolish. Little rust is not a problem. The high end rare motorcycle and car collectors prefer original, especially in this good condition. So I would not polka dot it unless its perfect.You can test on out of the way spots. Use a fine brush and make tiny dots to fill the chip. Magnifier helps. I like the head strap magnifiers for small work.

The rims I'd first strip the paint using a chemical stripper like a "Zip It" gell stripper or there was a post here from KCSteve who used a stripper that he liked. Follow manufacturers safety instructions its nasty stuff. Than polish as best as you can.
Of course take the wheel off bike and take tire off.
Never Give Up!!!
Erm, NICE!!!!!!!!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Nawww I wouldn't do anything to the bike, just to keep the value up. Anything you do to that bike will lower it's value. Consider the flaws "patina." Bike collectors like and prefer the original "patina."

I'd say the value of this bike is . . . (Antique Roadshow pause) whatever the buyer is willing to pay. Smile

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
(08-01-2010, 10:09 PM)KC-Steve Wrote:  Nawww I wouldn't do anything to the bike, just to keep the value up. Anything you do to that bike will lower it's value. Consider the flaws "patina." Bike collectors like and prefer the original "patina."

I'd say the value of this bike is . . . (Antique Roadshow pause) whatever the buyer is willing to pay. Smile


I understand. I was excited at the thought of performing some of the good advice I've gotten here, however, a new job is taking me out of state and I must let them go. I'm going to list it and the 1950s Schwinn on ebay and ....... see what someone is willing to pay.

Everyone is so helpful here I wish that I could take-it-on, but gotta put the shoe's on the kids feet. Thanks, Again. I'll report the results here for anyone interested.
Thanks, Kevin
Ye, 10-4 to that . Drop us a link to your auction , be interesting. Good Luck!!
Never Give Up!!!

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