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Wheel off center
I recently purchased some new Mavic Crossline wheels and Schwalbe 2.4 tires. When I put it all together and got it on the bike, the rear wheel is just slightly off center. Just enough to slightly rub on the left side of the frame. I know I've heard about adjusting center on a truing stand. I have 2-3 millimeters of play on the right side. Is it possible to pull the whole rim over by tweaking on a truing stand?
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Am I understanding that you only 2-3mm clearance on the whole tire?
(rubs on one side with 2-3mm spare on the other?)
Then I would think the tire is to big for the frame.
Anyway - yes, within reason, the wheel can be centered by truing or by changing axle spacer / washers to move the hub over.

With the wheel centered though you will only have 1mm clearance each side. ??????
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I think this tyre is too big for your frame.

I would also be surprised if commercially built wheels were out of centre by this amount, you can check by mounting the wheel the wrong way round in the frame and seeing if the clearance stays the same or moves with the wheel to the other side, easier with the tyre off, you can measure to the rim from each side.

If you are satisfied that it's the wheel, contact the wheel builder before you start trying to redish yourself, as you can cause lots of problems if you don't know what you are doing, and would invalidate any warranty.
Note that is not uncommon to have bent or damaged dropouts which can throw the wheel to one side.

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