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Chain skips
Less than 100 miles ago i had the chain and rear cogset replaced (shimano Sora) and I am now finding the chain sometimes skips as if there were missing teeth. this skip happens when I stand up to push uphill or leave from a stop. this occurs only when i use the lower two rings at the front. any ideas what is happening?
possibly worn chainrings. Are they beginning to resemble shark's teeth? If so, bin them and get some new ones.
If you did replace the cassette as well, it is hard to tell what it happening. Was it a new cogset?
new chains don't like old teeth, as Jonb says, you probably need to replace the rings also.
(05-28-2010, 07:54 PM)trevgbb Wrote:  new chains don't like old teeth, as Jonb says, you probably need to replace the rings also.

thanks to everbody-i checked my front rings and yes they are quite hooked-thanks for all your hints

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