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Best lubricant for biking on trails?
I just got a new bike and it came with some stuff already on it so I didn't add anything to it. Mostly because I don't own any sort of bike lube (yet). What is good lubricant for biking on bike trails? I noticed the sandy powder from the gravel likes to stick and I don't want to get something too sticky that will get a lot of this throughout the gear assembly.

What do you recommend? I'm also not a heavy maintainer so something easy to apply would be nice. I also don't plan on riding when it's wet out.
In your case I'd recommend dry lube (wax, ask your LBS), the problem being it's hard to put on as you have to have a spotless chain first.

Finish Line wet lube is my lube of choice, but I'm generally riding in soil and mud rather than dry, dusty conditions. It is easier to apply than wax. you'll have to clean the chain more often if you went down this route but it would involve less faff overall. Having said that it's been bone-dry at my local Downhill track for a good couple of weeks (really dusty) and I've not really had any issues with stuff sticking to my chain.

P.S. the stuff new chains come with out the factory is THE best lube known to man (sadly no idea what it is), so you'll be fine as it is for a bit, but if it gets full of dirt and dust, give it a clean.
Thanks for the quick reply! I do not know anything about tuning up bikes and I really don't like messing with the gears because it's so finicky to get adjusted just right again. How exactly do I clean my chain? Is a wet rag with dish soap on it good?

I found this: http://www.amazon.com/Finish-Line-Bicycle-4-Ounce-Squeeze/dp/B002IDZXRM/

is that good? also how often do I need to re-apply? I ride 25 miles every week (not day).
My experience with the dry lubes is hat you need to reapply them (quite) often. On the other hand, I read somewhere that chain maintenance does not make too much sense unless you let your chain run completely without lube. I use Finish Line Ceramics Wet lube on my cyclocross and road bike. On the cyclocross I regularly clean the chain using the Park Tool Chain Gang as I ride a lot in the mud (sometimes more than ankle deep...). Works quite well (fast and clean) and the chain has not worn too much after 1000 km winter use (salt, mud, sleet, slush).

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