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Ordered a set of airfree tires to test
um OKAY ! Big Grin
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
AIR FREE TIRES website is a scam. They do not fill anyones orders. Be sure to google Air Free Tires Complaints or Air Free Tires Reviews before you waste your money. They do not fill orders.
BEWARE OF AIR FREE TIRES AND AIRLESSTIRESNOW: I ordered from airfree 4 years ago, nearly impossible to talk to someone but finally got the tires. May of 2013... Been emailing airfree and airless tires.com but no answer, so placed order online. I got order confirmation email saying " Your request (#1244) has been received and IS BEING REVIEWED by our support staff." at airless tires, and "PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!!!" in capslock at air free tires as email confirmation receipts. As soon as I got these I was suspicious. 18 days pass, the seller sends no further email or shipping number.... So now I Call Airlesstires at 18008041524, on 6/11/2013 I press 1 for general sales, 2 for commercial sales, and also 3 for "check on order", "no one to take your call" is the messages I get in all categories ...left message, automation said "we will get back to you shortly" ...no reply. This is 18 days after I placed an order with both airfree tires and it's sister company airlesstires now. There was a help box in email, I clicked on it and it said orders are processed as such: 1. Pre sales, Order, 2. Air Free Order Review, 3. Send to supplier or fulfillment center, 4. Supplier Review, 5. Order sent to Customer/Post Sales Customer Service.... another "Order Process Flow Chart" stated 1. Air Free Help Desk 2. Confirmation of order via email 3. Notified via Help Desk email of problem order 4. Notified via Help Desk email if stock out 5. Traking# sent via regular email, and ending with 6. Air Free Help Desk... Air Free suggests contact the seller if order not shipped in 10 days... Found a link in order confirmation email that said: " To add additional comments, reply to this email or click the link below:
https://tirebank.zendesk.com/requests/1244" ...this took me to a page titled "Tire Bank - The Tire People" and at the bottom of the page it said "If you've communicated with our support staff through email previously, you're already registered."
"You probably don't have a password yet, though." Got password, took me to this: TIREBANK ....Who Is Tirebank?

This is what it said:

Hugh Waters Mar 28 • Customer Service

Tirebank is Tire People. We own multiple Internet Tire Themed properties. All of our properties have great information about tires and their uses. We include pictures, articles, reviews and much much more.

Some of the properties we represent are:

and others.
I was also given a link which read "No user found (invalid activation link)
The activation link you followed is no longer valid. This is probably because the link expired. You can request a new activation link here. Thank you."

I go back to another link at the TIRE BANK, I get the following:

"This request is currently being processed by our staff

Hugh Waters is assigned to your request.

You will receive a notification when the request status is updated by our staff.


Order Number

The following people will also be notified when this request is updated:

...I see a box at the bottom of the page to add comments, I mention it's been over 10 days and no word on my order, I leave name/number/email.

I had no idea when I ordererd my money was going to a tire bank/order request "process" and that I would have to spend 8 hours after18 days sorting through endless contact information links, none of which allow me to actually talk to someone but instead the website indicates I will then be granted a "TICKET" ....and where does this leave me? (see below)

So I have called airless tires, now I call airfree tires: 1 800 845 2181 ...I get the same automated voice as airlesstiresnow. I click on "sales," and "check on oder," ..I get "no support agents are available to take your call" ...I leave message, email and number.

I click on Contact info on the sites I am told I am as such starting a HELP DESK TICKET. Whether I call, email, respond to email, or use contact info the site says I am then "CONVERTED INTO A TICKET." ...this is what the site says:

"The Air Free Tires Customer Service Portal
Call, always call, and when you can't get a person, leave a message and it GETS CONVERTED INTO A TICKET, leave email address for reply by email When you fill out the form, you get an automatic reply and it GETS CONVERTED INTO A HELP TICKET"

Live Chats are CONVERTED INTO HELP TICKETS. You get a transcript and automatic reply. Email support@airfreetires.zendesk.com (and) YOUR EMAIL IS CONVERTED INTO A TICKET and you get an automatic response

Start a Help Desk TICKET For Any Reason

or visit our Question and Answer Section
and submit your question there

Air Free Help Desk

Emails get lost sometimes." ...end quote.

Well, that's where I now stand with airfree tires and airless tires now. Today is 6/11/2013. I place my orders with these sister companies on May 25, 2013..... I have google "airfree tires scam" on the net with sad results - other users experiencing the same issues over the years from 2002 or so onward tapering off to no information on the site available anywhere on the net as of couple years ago.. Is it a ghost website? Cant be as my credit card was processed...
Well today is 6/11/2013. Will I ever here from airfreetires or airlesstiresnow?? stay tuned....
Wow - Jeremysch stated TUBELESS tires are available that have a sealent where in you don't get flats?? That sounds horrifickly un reliable. Are you kidding? tubeless tires? I don't get it. Air would leak out the spokes, could leak around the stem, where the rim is welded together,, could leak around the bead, ....if there is glue, the glue would wear out, and if you DO get a flat,,, what do you do about the glued bead then? ...sounds terrifying. worst concept ever. NO?? Well looks like I have to pay that website a visit. Stans tubless tires?? Here in southern california we have a plant called puncture vine or CALTROP and this plant renders bicycles IMPOSSIBLE to even think about in many areas here. especially mine. If anyone can recommend an air free tire, where I can buy a hi pressure air free urethane tire let me know. And or which "gator tire" pneumatic works best...
by the way, I had used air free tires (solid urethane tires) and got 6,000 miles on them without a flat and I never had to straighten the rim or broke a spoke although the rim is now bent enough that I need to take it in but thats normal after 6,000 miles. The ones I had were rated 60 psi and 20 inch wheel size and the rolling resistance was pretty bad but, I was sold on them. That was 4 years ago. I guess now airfreetires and airlesstiresnow is a scam.

WHY don't the police do something about these devils... it seems insane people have to come on these forums and websites and inform a handful of people that some devil scammer is out there running free complete with traceable information, a phone number, emails and with an address and everything while the cops just sit and doing nothing. Anyone out there know how I can have that Hugh Waters scam guy apprehended let me know
these are trick and very airy tires, break out your wallet on a set of these babys

There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
(06-11-2013, 06:56 PM)bewareofairfreetires Wrote:  Wow - Jeremysch stated TUBELESS tires are available that have a sealent where in you don't get flats?? That sounds horrifickly un reliable. Are you kidding? tubeless tires? I don't get it. Air would leak out the spokes, could leak around the stem, where the rim is welded together,, could leak around the bead,

There are special rims + tyres (well, there's people converting regular rims and tyres to tubeless, but in general...), the rims are sealed and the tyres are more "air tight". Also note that car tyres are "tubeless", so the concept is not that exotic. However, since you want the system to be not ridiculously heavy and somewhat puncture resistant you fill some sealant into the system. This is a bit of a mess, I was told, when you do it the first time. The idea is that the sealant would block up any punctures. Additionally you can ride with very low pressure because you cannot get pinch flats - and this puts the whole idea in the "off road" community. As far as I know tubeless is mostly available for mountain bikes, though the cyclocross community is catching up. You do have to keep them topped up (and in constant use) though - the sealant otherwise sticks the tyre together...

Quote:by the way, I had used air free tires (solid urethane tires) and got 6,000 miles on them without a flat and I never had to straighten the rim or broke a spoke although the rim is now bent enough that I need to take it in but thats normal after 6,000 miles.
Well... not really. Unless you do a lot of tough terrain riding...
Ok I understand the tubeless process much better now. I still like the air free tires concept because I like thee idea of never needing a tire pump. I also was the person who always believed a product should be engineered toward consumer leverage and not seller profit, keeping in mind our solar system was heaven once, angels once lived here and Lucifer invented MONEY on one of our planets (planet Rahab) What do bicycles have to do with Draconian angels and money?? EVERYTHING ...is what I discovered. I was th everest engineer in bicycles back in 87 and some "people" above me did not like this. I HATED those people, so I have been doing some detective work ever since. I did I learn our planet is run by evil angels and once I figured out who they actually were, they no longer hid from me and would attack me openly. Anyway, BICYCLES are extremely detrimental to the coming rise of the 666 chip. For instance I gave shimano thee idea for the dual control brake shift lever in 1987 and as you can see this concept was never improved upon as for that particular handlebar this concept was perfection, where as manufactures prefer to keep machines on some never ending quest to get better each year to keep the money coming. With my dual control, engineering dept was no longer even needed. (mine, not the one Shimano made with a gillion little parts) Tires are the weakest link in the bicycle. Bicycles started to die in southern cal. around 1987. Today, a bicycle is rarely ever even spotted. It will usually be some beginner on a walmat bike and he will QUICKLY be put in his place by the caltrop flat tire plant. Bike shops I think don't like air free tires. They don't put money in the shops pocket once the tires are sold. Well, this evil agenda has backfired on them. Bicycles are now near extinct in southern cal and bike shops are going out of business. I knew the air free tire would be annihilated by the evil corporate mentality, so I was on a constant crusade to advertise these tires. I told hundreds of people abou them but it wasnt enough. And online, air free tires are easily demonized with rumours about tires slipping on rim, broken spokes, bent rims, impossible rolling resistance and etc. YES pneumatics handle better, are usually a little lighter, more shock absorbing and roll more efficiently and etc. but air free tires keep much more money in yr pocket and I have had no worries, tires always at same pressure, no carrying pumbs etc. Also, a bike with air free tires is vastly superior to walking. Your average bozo does not have thee experience I do to be able to see through thee internet demonizations regarding these amazing tires.

OK I mentioned earlier I DO NOT KNOW IF AIR FREE IS NOW A SCAM, and I have gotten an update letter from air free: 6/12/2013 Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent order. We want to let you know that we appreciate
it. As the factory is still going through some growing pains we must inform
you that your order can take an additional 15 days to process. Your credit
card has not been charged at this time. We apologize for the delay and hope
to be able to satisfy you soon.

Unless we heat from you otherwise, we will process your order as soon as
the tires are available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Air Free--
836 Dougherty St
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
United States
Also, I went to the bank to disable my credit card and air free did not charge my account yet proving they are not a scam?? I KNOW the tires themselves are not a scam. Yes we know maybe Hugh Waters has given these wonderfull tires a bad "wrap" (getit?) but, and this is WAY off topic, no apologies, but as your buddy Jesus had proven to people, this earth is run by Draconian angels erroneously reffered to now day as ILLUMINATI and these "people" want air free tires extinct because alot of people will need a bicycle during thee enforcement of the chip when they are homelss, and also alot of people NOW can KEEP their homes or pay CASH for a home via thee INCREDIBLE leverage a bicycle offers in keeping the bucks in yr pockets. I saved the down payment on a house in 2 years making $8 an hour with the help of a bicylcle, I paid CASH for my home.
ThDracs don't want money in peoples houses cause then people start to think "god is good" and the Dracs know that thCreator is starting to blossom in people's minds during this time. (this is actualy the real reason we have a bad economy)
Getting back to bicycles I was actually (and will henceforth always bee) the bicycling king of kings engineer back in 87 untill I was paid a visit by (sorry, can't lie)Draconian angels and it was then I discovered these beings are real (they came in disguises but I'm smart)
So before I am deleted from this thread and I will be, (I am not allowed on forums) I can only hope this spark will reach one person and that person will then light some fires when I am gone.
BICYCLES: here is how thee "illuminati" poison the bicycle. iz very simple basically, They will take one design, (and only i know what that design is) and they will chop it into about 50 pieces, none of those "pieces" are perfect but instead each one offers some form of compormise. The closest bicycle today that touches on the contrasting ideal would be the cyclocross bicycle. For instance, a tire should never be 26 inches, period. because the 700c generates enough leverage efficiently speaking that you u arrive at your destination much much sooner and less fatigued. (try riding 100 miles on a mt vs road bike and you will understand) thus each part of the bicycle should be done this way only and not that way period "u must be perfect, for yr heavnly father is perfect" and for those of you who have never lived in a world where everything, every tool is ultimate, well lets just say you WORK a LOT less and versus Draconian which are INSANE. They are poison personified. They literally flow backwards mathematically and diametrically. THEY are thee illuminati. (they know u guys are smart and are waking up, so they invented the illuminati thing cuz the fallen angels is not a profitable term for them cuz then humans faith are strengthened in that thr really is a god and the bible is real and also, people realize they are relatively powerless (cuz Dracs are superhuman, they own u and will own u just as they owned Jesus) and then those people start to PRAY. Prayer works. Draconian know this. Right now , the Bible must die so'z they can rise to power with the chip. Will get worse b4 it gets better.
hope now people realize there is a perfect bike out there, I gave bike companies a taste of it in the BEELINE ULTRALEVER bike I designed in the mid 90's which changed thee ergonimics of the bikes into a more of a gary fisher profile which still exists today. These companies could not legally touch my design without my pattent, and so instead they focused on the peculiar triangle of the bike instead which was in advertantly illustrated on paper and employed it free of pattent. (the relationship between bars, seat and b bracket( (seat must be much further above bracket, bars should be a bit above seat, and bars should not be so far away you are supporting your weight all day and back tire should be further in) The world hour record was destroyed again and again and again after 1987 when riders began using my forward seat bicycle blueprint - u go much faster. (when u smash a tin can, it will be directly under your hip, not a foot in front of it)
Ok, remember folks. AIR FREE TIRES ARE NOT A SCAM. goodbye -

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