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Anyone here have a FELT road bike?
Tomorrow I'm checking out a new (to me) FELT F65 from an ad on craigslist. I used to ride some real nice bikes back in the '80s when I was an ultramarathon cyclist. I haven't had a real road bike in nearly 20 years, and have only been using a Trek FX 7.2 "fitness" bike for the past 3 years when I began to slowly get back into cycling. I've even done a few centuries on the Trek. So I hope this FELT turns out to be a sweet deal, as it's not always easy to find a good, used steed in my tall (63cm) size.

So doesn't anyone here have a FELT?
Felts are decent bikes until you hit the high end...Then they're OUTSTANDING bikes...the F65 is a good mid range bike, with carbon forks and stays...Should give you a good ride. Don't overpay.
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
He's asking $750 for a 2005 that is supposed to be in "excellent condition" except for a couple small scratches on the top tube. All Ultegra with new Dura-ace chain and new tires.
From everything I've heard, the CF stays and fork apparently make for a good ride for long rides.
Alright, here's the bikepedia link for the bike: http://www.bikepedia.com/QuickBike/BikeSpecs.aspx?Year=2005&Brand=Felt&Model=F65&Type=bike

Seems like for a 5 year old bike, he might be asking a bit much, unless it's been ridden a VERY small amount.
It retailed for MSRP $1399, so that means about $1000 new, so only a couple hundred off seems a BIT high.

New chain and tires shouldn't raise the cost much, this ain't a car we're talkin' here, they're probably the cheapest tires he could get, so he could post "New tires!". I'm always skeptical of things like this.

And yes, CF forks and stays make for a very comfortable ride. CF soaks up bumps MUCH better than aluminum. Here is a good video that explains how the different tubes and intersections on the bike affect each aspect of the ride. Just for your knowledge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNWJ7aF8E5I

Good luck, and try to get the price down.
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
Well, the bike is now mine. It turns out the "small scratches" are hardly even visible.

jr14: I was able to get it for $650, and truthfully, it's like a new bike, and in some ways even better than original. I understand your skepticism. But when I saw the bike in person, it was clear that the guy just wanted to sell it and not worry too much about what he got. He never even flinched when I offered him $650. He just picked up a new Trek Madone 6.5, and was not hurting for money. With the Felt, he included a new $50 Dura-Ace chain, a new $200 Dura-Ace cassette, and $55 Bontrager Race X Lite AC tires. He even threw in some LOOK pedals and an extra Ritchey HB stem.

BTW, thanks for posting that video. It all makes sense. I studied frame design about 20 years ago, and even silver-soldered a few steel frames myself. But when I got out of the bike scene, CF was just the new kid on the block, and the frames rode just like a bunch of wet noodles back then. Man, this is one sweet riding bike though! I was amazed at how responsive it was when hitting hills out of the saddle, yet how discreetly it ate up road vibration.

Here's my new baby. The one that going to be my companion for a double-century (or two?). Smile


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