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Moving Gear Levers
I had an unfortunate crash in a circuit race last night - but fortunately no damage to the bike, except that the left hand gear lever has been knocked out of position. I can't see how to get it back to its orignal setting, I've looked for an adjusting screw or similar but nothing obvious. The gear levers are Dura-ace, on a 2007 Felt road bike - anyone know what I need to do?

Take a look at e.g. (or the appropriate explosive view for your levers). Not the position of part no. 20 and 21. That should be what you are looking for. You will most probably need to remove the covers. I will try and check my levers later to give a better description.
Oh, and I hope you're not too badly hurt!
EDIT: I checked my levers, the access screw is not difficult to find, you have to peel back the hood covers a bit, the screw is on the "outside" (right lever: right side, left lever: left side). My levers have a "dimple" there to faciliate access.

Thanks for the reply, I'll take a look when I get home later and hopefully I'll find what you have helpfully pointed out.<br />
Just a few scrapes fortunately! Crashed on the last lap, only a few hundred metres from the end.


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