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Bad news on my AMF Bicycle
Well I should have check this out long before now. The BB is toasted when I went to install the cups one side was right on tight but the other side just drop right in and I could spin it with my fingers so now I am looking for a new bicycle frame so I can use these parts and yes it did P--- me off a little lol oh well I sure did learn from this you always need to check your frame out real good before you start out to redoing it. I knew the old cup was longer in shape but though it was just the cup it self was the BB frame it self that was bad the only thing I lost was a little money and my time and it was looking so good until this morning.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
Sorry to hear about the disappointment it really sucks when you find out something like that after the fact. Glad you made up with the situation though for another chapter in the book of "Hindsight - its Always 20/20"!!!
FYI - there is a solution for that if the bike warrants it:
First sorry to here about the disappoint Sad . Second, nice find Dave. Guess at least there is an option. Surly I was talking to this gentleman last year and he restored a used BMX for his son as a present only to find after he painted it there was a crack in the head tube between the down tube and the front tube joints. He explained he really did not inspect for them until he was looking at his paint job. Take it easy we all learn from mistakes. I will admit I am on a 3 to 1 mistake ratio.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Hey Bill,

I think I've got a similar ratio errors:getting it right!

I tried to re-cable the Kona last night only to find the front dérailleur had re-seized! Maybe not enough lubrication on reassembly...

Anyhow the LBS (James') is selling Shimano SLX M660s at half price. I think I'll call them tomorrow to check stock (they may have some in but they have a mail order facility and they'll be able to transfer to local shop in a day) and simply cut my losses: well it'll cost less then twenty quid plus the new cabling Smile.

This will be the third replacement front dérailleur I've had to fit... Still the spec looks good.

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