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Shimano Shoe Sizing Question
Hey all need some input about Shimano shoes. Here is the chart I came across and do not understand it too well. For example I wear Men's Size 10 in regular shoes. Is this the same or different?

Also if anyone here could help me out on sources of Cycling Shoes I would appreciate it. Prefer if the conversion if there is one for Size 10 is done.

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Bill, you forgot the chart link so I found it:


Look at the men's size down at the bottom of the ruler, and the size 10 hash mark lines up just to left of the 44.5 European size. You would order a size 44.5 Shimano shoe.

Shimano shoes run a LITTLE tight, but they're quite comfortable after a few rides...A little tip with Shimano shoes, keep the bottom velcro strap loose, the middle one tight, and the top strap snug. Seemed to work on all my Shimano shoes so far. Good shoes.
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jr14 told you right you will need a 44.5 Shimano Shoe. I had a pair of Shimano Shoes but did not like them at all. But a lot of people do. They cost too much I think lol.
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That I'll agree on...They ARE expensive. I have only tried road shoes, so I can't comment on MTB shoes. I have a pair of triathlon shoes that drain faster than any others I've tried, and they were $50. Can't beat on sale at the LBS.

DON"T mail order your shoes. If they don't fit, returning them is a hassle. Support the LBS and spend a couple more bucks. Tell them you don't like ordering online and want to keep the LBS open, and they might cut you a deal.
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Yeah, as with normal shoes I'd buy cycling shoes only at a shop. My experience is that even if you know your size for one type of shoes from one company you can not generalize from that. So: go to the LBS and get the shoes there. I usually try and look for discontinued models, though, 'cause I'm on a budget. Well, unless you want to deal with the hassle of ordering two or three pairs, returning them, ordering another three pairs, returning them, etc. until you find the shoe that fits. When I bought my road bike I tried on (almost) every shoe in the bike shop that was close to my size, I finally found a pair that did fit. No, not fun at all. Now imagine doing that via an online shop... (have to admit I have rather wide feet, so matters are complicated)
Concerning the price: you get a decent cycling shoe for an MRSP of 100€, much cheaper if on sale at the LBS. Most companies have models in that price range, don't fix your mind on a specific brand / model / color (I have Shimano trekking shoes, Gaerne road shoes and Specialized winter MTB shoes).
Just to update everyone I did get two different pair and I love them both. One pair are by Merrell Hiking shoes that are unbelievably comfortable and grip the pedals on the 3 different kind of bikes I ride. Even took out the Trike today. Fascinating. Commuter/Touring (Road the 3spd), MTB, Road Bike, and yea my ole el cheapo BMX. The other pair Montrail Goretex Hiking shoes are vastly comfortable as well but they are size 10.5. Yes very weird but fit nice. They were not really good on the Road Bike because I felt as they were slipping off. Others were pretty cool. So happy person found their happy feet lol!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I usually go for Cabela's brand shoes for any biking I do with flat pedals. I can destroy 'em and then bring 'em back for a swap out.
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No kidding they have a life time warranty or something?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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