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Made for use with ceramic rims only
I've seen this on replacement v-brake pads (i.e. just the pads that slide in). Then further on the packaging it states: "Warning! - use with ceramic rims only". Is it possibly something to do with wet weather riding..?

I think that "ceramic" rims have an extra hard coating on the braking surface. I assume you can then use a more abrasive brake pad for better stopping power. But if you use those pads on a normal alloy rim, it will wear away the metal of the rim much more rapidly than a normal pad.


I think you're right in your answer - I did fit them to alloy rims (only for this set mind you), and they are wearing as normal as I'd expect i.e. no problems in the rain. Yet maybe the rims are wearing more than normally? Who knows? I'll get them changed as soon as: breaking is a learned technique on the snow and ice covered roads we presently have Smile.
When you find the answer to the proper technique to the snow and ice please share lol Big Grin
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Bill, I only came a cropper once, so far, on black ice on my street (non-gritted). The technique, I think is to go slow and try not to use your brakes! Sometimes, of course, it cannot helped. Only took gravel rash to the right leg – I always wear shorts even at -7C.

I picked myself up and walked down to the major road, which is gritted and carried on from there on bike. The only real technique I use in these conditions is not to take cycle paths and take a less direct route which involves major roads. These are usually mainly free of snow and ice and if you’re lucky have been gritted. As soon as the snow is gone, I’m back to the back streets and cycle routes...

The real reason for ceramic brake pads, is to stop the ceramic rim from wearing down the pads too quickly.

You can use regular pads on a ceramic rim, but they'll wear MUCH quicker than hardened pads.

And you can use ceramic pads on regular rims, but why bother spending the extra money when regular pads will do.

I haven't seen anything that proves a regular rim will wear quicker with ceramic pads, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If someone can come up with something, please do. I'm curious to see if this is the case.
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Jr14, I think they wore pretty much the same as regular pads… Takes about three months, at only 50+ miles a week, for me to wear a set in heavy traffic conditions.

The only reason I got them was because the LBS didn’t have anything else in and to tell you the truth, I didn’t notice till I got home but desperately needed them.

I’ve since got the issue with centering the rear which presently has one worn ceramic (best fit) and one old normal… Looking to take the rear apart this weekend fit the new non-ceramic blocks and see how it goes…
I'm surprised they wore as evenly as normal pads. Oh well, just goes to show you can't know everything.Big Grin

Good luck with them!Smile
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
I know this is old but in the end I simply bought a new rear brake: it is mentioned on another post (I think 'BB issues' - I am a software engineer but I can't be arsed to post the link)...

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