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New guy with an old bike!
Hi everyone!
I'm a new guy here.

Recently I got two bicycles (for free). Both of them "MOTOBECANE" one of them which on the pictures is MIRAGE, and I don't remember right now the model of another one.
but those bike are not in very good condition, and I decided to make them looks fresh.
First I dissembled all parts. Painted the frame and fork. the original color was blue, but i wanted paint it in red. the paint job is not the best, cuz i don't have a place where to keep it and it's in my place where i work. so i just have maximum 1 hour a day to work on it and it's not too much, cuz every break i have to pick up tolls to work with bike.

but anyway... and now i decided to change all cables and housings. it's not really hard to find cables and housing for breaks and gears, but i reached one small problem - Cable Tips. I saw on eBay that there are a lot of posts who offer those tips, i don't think those tips are exactly which i need. what about tips which should be installed where it shows on the picture (brakes and gears)


but i found one web page: http://www.bikeman.com/content/view/1641/115/ and now i think where i can get: A. Shimano Brake Cable or B. Campagnolo Brake Cable tips? cuz i don't see the point to buy a pre-made for example brake cable, cut for the same price i can find the 50feet roll. so I just can't find those tips


Thank you guys in advance and for your time
I've never heard of any source for the tips you are referring to. Everyone uses the pre-made cables. While I suppose there's no technical reason it's not possible, I'm just not aware of anyone who does. Note that this joint is highly safety critical, at least for brake cables. Cables typically cost $2-$3 and will last years so I don't know that there's huge potential for savings anyway.
You could find a bunch in the BMX world, called "Knarps":

But they are meant for using with a gyro:

... but I don't think any of them would work for your purpose. Dave is right, it would be much easier and safer to by a pre-made inner cable.
I'm not quite sure what part you mean but is it these:- cable ferrules.


If it is your bike shop should have them.
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Yeah I think he means either the ends (that get crimped) that go one after they are put through the actual brake or derailler. Or the opposite ends that go into the levers/shifters. I have seen different size ferules/end caps which can be misleading.

Hopefully he save the old cables with ends so that way he can reference them by checking the diameter with a micrometer.

Do you have a photo of the ends of which you are asking?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Yeah I'm gonna make post tomorrow as i keep my bike at my work.
but maybe guys are right, maybe it's really easy to buy pre-made cables.
Okay i will download pictures tomorrow.
And thank you guys for your help

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