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What should I buy ??help please
Hello I have a cycle to work scheme due to start in a week or so and I am looking to upgrade my electric bike I have very little knowledge on bikes . I have 2.5k to spend and have been looking at 2 the giant fathom e+2 2022 and the cube reaction hybrid performance any help would be much appreciated or any other bikes you would recommend.
I want to say this has mostly to do with the terrain you will face on your commute.

One thing certain, with the eBike battery crisis going on, you will want to stick to a name-brand for sure.

If your needs are simple, you could spring for something like a GT Power Performer 29 and get everything you need in a great package.


The GT ePantera Dash or Current is another really attractive grab, that will give you same the inbetween as the Giant Fathom E+2 (which looks to be kinda heavy). You will only need the suspension really if you face incredibly harsh terrain. You can opt for a suspension seat post otherwise, if you really want that extra cushion.

That GT Power Performer is not only going to be light, but already includes the GT Smoothie tires, which are said to have excellent grip and rolling resistance. That's a big instant upgrade to look into no matter what bike you get. Swapping out the knobby tires for a pair of good slick or semi-slick will save you precious battery life and effort.
I think you should go for the bike that has a good resale value in your town, and you can easily find its spare parts and accessories in your town as well.
Hello Brett, so what did you end up buying. Do keep us posted and how your experience was. Happy and safe commutes.

quote='Hania' pid='47331' dateline='1701186278']
I think you should go for the bike that has a good resale value in your town, and you can easily find its spare parts and accessories in your town as well.
Both the Giant Fathom E+ 2 2022 and the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance are excellent electric bikes that are well-suited for a variety of riding conditions. The Fathom E+ is trail oriented and heavier, so if you're gonna stick to commute between work and home with trail I would recommend the Cube Reaction Hybrid.
Take a look at the RadRover 5 and also expand your knowledge about e-bikes. Their classes, laws, riding styles, frames, geometry. You can find this in blogs posted

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