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One warm and one cold hand when running
Hej! A non-topic post here about running. My wife has this thing - usually one of her hands (left) feels much colder while running and after the run. The same happened today - warm right (especially wrist and knuckles if you call them like that) but cold left hand. Is there a simple explanation for such a thing?
It's nothing to worry about, it simply means that your left hand has worse circulation than the right so your right hand has a steady blood flow allowing the body temperature to remain neutral while your left hand is lacking that steady blood flow so the temperature goes down. This is quite normal, especially in winter. This is the same reason why a lot of times your hands and feet will get cold even when under a blanket.
That could be serious. You should get checked out for blood clots.

Otherwise, if you're having trouble with hands going numb during riding.

One of the reasons can be the handlebar (stem) being too high, too low, too far away, or too close. There is a special zone, and typically, lower is better than higher. But there's even such a thing as too low. Bad grips can accentuate this, because they don't give enough cushion and will cause circulation trouble. You can try switching up to Silicon Grips as an attempted solution without changing anything else. Your best bet though it usually adjusting everything else until you get into that special zone.

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