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A timely reminder - Bike lights in winters
Summer is over - At quarter to seven in the evening, it might still be light enough to see the road without lights, but in traffic, where all the cars have their lights on, bikes need lights too!

Coming back through town last evening, I saw at least 15 other bike commuters hurrying home, of which 6 or so had no lights whatsoever. It was quite frightening to see how easily they blended in to the background. Bike lights have never been better / cheaper / easier to use. Get 'em on!

take care.
I agree.

Not just now, but all year.

If there is a possibility that you might be out after dark, put lights on your bike. I am not out after dark on the bike very often. But I have lights on the bike for those occasions when I am.

There are a lot of dead people, who would not be dead if they had been seen.
Bike lights should be mandatory!

Any bike light suggestions? I need durable lights with USB charging.
(10-25-2022, 03:10 PM)Lemon Wrote:  Bike lights should be mandatory!

Any bike light suggestions? I need durable lights with USB charging.

I use lights with solar charging. You just put them on the bike and never need to charge them.

Ordinary bicycle lights may sometimes be hard to see. For example, when bright car headlights make it difficult to see dim bicycle lights, or when it is raining.

I am thinking about other possibilities. There are times when it might be ideal to have your bike lit up like a Christmas tree. The problem is batteries, which add weight, and charging, which means putting the batteries on a charger after using the lights, and taking them off in the morning. If you have decent batteries, you can also have a bright headlight, like a motor bike light, and a loud horn.

Be noticed. Don't be inconspicuous.

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