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Has anyone ever been charged by the police for traffic violations on a bicycle?
Has anyone ever been charged by the police for not wearing a helmet on a bicycle?

Has anyone ever been charged by the police for any traffic violations on a bicycle?

I have never even been stopped by the police, while on a bicycle.
I have been stopped by police on multiple occasions. Speeding (over 20mph) and improper safety gear (required to fly an orange pennant). I did a lot of my riding before helmets were required at any level or age (my state only mandatory for 16 and under); as well as lights.

To answer the question of that guy in the video: No, he is not an idiot, but yes he is a fool. That video was a joke. In the end he decides when and if he will wear a helmet based on his riding "demeanor" so he really should have just said do whatever you want whenever you want. All the numbers mean nothing if you don't really care in the first place. Play Russian roulette for as long as you want, but there is still a bullet in the chamber.

I wear a helmet. I have had multiple crashes where my head hit the ground or car or truck. Luckily, I was wearing a helmet and it has the scars to prove it.

Using birth control does not prevent pregnancy; it just greatly reduces the chance of becoming pregnant. Same as wearing a helmet; it reduces the odds of a bad injury, but like everything it is a not 100% that you will not suffer an injury. If I decided to go with the video guy's theory, it would depend on how hard I was having sex, and not the fact that I was having sex because it's how you do it, not if you do it that makes using birth control more of a necessity using his theory (which of course is ludicrous!).
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"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
This is ridiculous, but once I was visiting a friend in Slovenia in Europe, and we went out one night downtown. Since everyone there rides and having a bike is very common, my buddy had two bikes.
We drank two or three beers that evening, and when we were returning home, a police officer stopped us. I was given a 600 Euro charge for driving while drunk.
In other words, driving while drunk is still against the law, but this was a standard bike, so you still need to be careful.

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